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Union Luxembourgeoise de Patinage A.S.B.L.

affiliated to the Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Sports de Glace (FLSG)

and to the International Skating Union (ISU)

9. Mee 2024 - Kockelscheuer

Bienvenue au 41e COSL Spillfest



En collaboration avec la Ville de Luxembourg et les fédérations sportives, le Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois (COSL) organise cette année sa 41ième édition du  Spillfest. Venez le 9 mai (Ascension/Jour de l’Europe) au lac de la Kockelscheuer pour découvrir de nombreuses activités sportives tout en s’amusant.

Plus d'informations:

Coupe du Printemps
International Figure Skating Competition
15-17 March, 2024


Basic Novice - Alison Morgan     2nd place   36.88p ! Personal Best !

                                Lydia Yormesor    9th place    28.43p  

                               Julie Strauss        13th place   27.42p  

                         Elisa Michelucci  17th place   23.26p

                         Emma de Reggi  18th place   22.85p  

                         Hedda Bjunes Johansson   21st place 21.83p  

                         Emma Rose Schomakres    22nd place 20.53p                                                


Advanced Novice - Caroline Toft  12th place 75.74p

                                 Eliška Philippe  22nd place 48.34p

Junior - Ysaline Hibon 15th place 96.18p  

              Rebecca Toft  18th place 89.07p

Coach/Team Leader: Soňa Kroulíková

                                    Ekaterina Baranok

Challenge Cup 2024
ISU International Competition
22 - 25 February, 2024

Tilburg, Netherlands

Basic Novice - Julie Strauss   5th place 32.89p ! Personal Best !                                                

                         Alison Morgan 8th place 31.87p

Advanced Novice - Caroline Toft 12th place 83.38p

                                 Eliška Philippe 24th place 56.59p

Junior - Rebecca Toft  21st place 72.88p

Coach/Team Leader: Soňa Kroulíková

Merano Ice Trophy 2024


International Competition

23 - 25 February, 2024 

Junior - Ysaline Hibon  22nd place 93.69p

NRW Trophy Dortmund
International Competition
16 - 19 November, 2023


Advanced Novice - Caroline Toft - 19th place (83,75p)

Caroline performed 3 double Axel jumps during the competition, one in her SP and the other two in her FS. Her performance has shown her progress and determination. 

Junior - Dita Giltaire - 30th place (74,53p)

This was Dita's first competition in the Junior category. Her participation was uncertain due to a lower-body injury. Despite strong competition, she gave it her all and represented Luxembourg well.

Trophy Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur of Figure Skating 2023
International Competition
Nice, France
18 - 22 October, 2023

TropheeMetropoleNiceCA 2023 - ANNOUNCEMENT.bmp

Junior - Ysaline Hibon - 18th place (93,30p)

International Competition
Vaudoise Arena Lausanne, Switzerland
26 – 29 October, 2023

Junior - Ysaline Hibon - 24th place (82,00p)

National Cadre 2023 - 2024

Dedication - Competence - Passion

Following the tests, here are the members of the National cadre.

Congratulations to all and have a great season!


ISU Junior Grand Prix 2023/2024
Luxembourg at Junior Grand Prix (Junior Women)

JGP Armenian Cup 2023 - Yerevan - Armenia - October 4-7, 2023

Luxembourg will be represented by Ysaline Hibon

Age: 18

Club: Annecy

2023 Coupe du Printemps 

2023 Luxembourg Nationals 1st place Junior Women

2022 Luxembourg Nationals 1st place Junior Women

2023 Bavarian Open - Oberstdorf - 15th place

2022 European Youth Olympics 2022 - Voukatti (Finland) - 23th place

Results: 29th place (91,81p) 


PGE Solidarity Cup 2023 – Gdansk - Poland – September 27-30, 2023

Luxembourg will be represented by Rebecca Toft

First participation in a JGP


Age: 16

Club: Club Hiversport – Patinage Luxembourg

School: European School Luxembourg I


2023 Coupe du Printemps PB 103,74 points

2023 Luxemburg Nationals 2nd place Junior Women

2022 Luxemburg Nationals 2nd place Advanced Novice

2021 Luxemburg Nationals 2nd place Advanced Novice

2019 Dietzer Lahn-Pokal 2nd place

Result: 31st place (80,76p)

Cadre de Promotion du Comité Olympique et Sportifs Luxembourgeois (COSL) 2023

Ysaline Hibon – Junior Figure Skating


Many thanks to our sportswear partner:

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Jarková 4, 080 01 Prešov, Slovenská Republika

Mobile: +421 911 212 471

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